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Missions to  nations

Nepal Mission Trip - SEPTEMBER  2012

Naurenge Church,  Chittawan District Nepal

​We thank our God for His favor and the grace available for me to travel to Nepal Chittawan District to proclaim the gospel of Christ. His protection, provision, His peace and wisdom was available through out my journey. I found Nepalese people hospitable, simple, friendly and open to the gospel.

I want to first extend my gratitude for Pastor Bishnu who was the key instrument without whom much of my travel to the interior villages and connection with some of the churches would have been impossible.

We organized leadership meetings for pastors & church leaders to equip and empower them as I spoke on a title "what does it take to be a pastor"from my many years of experience as a pastor and the knowledge I acquired from Trinity College of Bible and Seminary while working on my Masters in Pastoral Ministry.  we had church leaders & pastors come from various nearby towns. the response was very encouraging.

We conducted evangelistic programs. Several came to Christ and others where healed and delivered from demonic forces in the Name of Jesus Christ. Patients with cancer,swelling, stomaIn every meeting the gracious loving hand of the Lord was at work.

Here are the details of programs that took place in different Churches:

15th September :

I Traveled from Kathmandu to Chittwan.

16th September :  

Pastors and Church Leaders meeting at Naurange Church Ministry from 10:am to 4: pm.
Program at the Great Commission Church (Pastor Gunja ) –  Many healing and deliverance took place as I ministered to people in Jesus Name.   People suffering from cancer, knee problem, swelling, stomach pain and many others.  There was a 12-year old girl that had bleeding from her childhood who got instantly healed! it was a very fruitful program.

17th September:

There was a heavy rain fall. we prayed God may stop the rain so that may be able to go out and do the ministry. the rain stopped. 

​18th September:

At 9: am myself, Pastor Sanu, Pastor Gunja and Pastor Bishnu  prayerfully departed to HarnaMadi Hetauda which is 75km from the local Church of Naurenge. The road was rough and dusty, we faced difficulties to get there but  we managed to reach at 3::20pm.  The church Pastor along with believers welcomed us.

I preached the Word of God and then called people to  came forward to make a decision to believe in Christ as their Savior as well as receive their healing.  many came forward that day.

An elderly woman 70 years of age had difficulties to walk and after we  prayed for her she got healed, got up and began to easily walk. Many unbelievers witnessed the power of God through healing and deliverance that took place during the service as people with tormenting spirits and mental problems were healed and delivered.

19th September :

We went to Jesus Assembly Church at Pastor Bhim Gurung which is 15km from the local Church I Pastor Gunja and Pastor Bishnu's  wife sis Tabita accompanied us. I preached among 150 people followed by prayer and healing service. People from other religion also attended.

A woman who was suffering from tormenting spirits and  spent all her money for her treatment was laid on the floor and after taking authority in Jesus name and  pray, she vomited the disease and was completely healed before our eyes.

A man who was paralyzed received healing after prayer and was able to walk without crunches.      
Many people suffering from various diseases including fever have been healed.

20th September:

We then left to attend  a Youth Program at Piple Church (Pastor Sanu’s) from 11am to 5pm.  I preached
among 180 youths and  prayed for  people.  then Pastor Bishnu and I left to  to Pokhara, town, one of the most beautiful spot in Nepal.  Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu, the three highest mountains known in the world as well asthe Annapurna Range are around   35 miles or less miles away  from the valley.   we traveled on Pastor Bishnu's motorbike and  reached there at 10:pm at night.

21st September:  

​ ( Photo: Pastor Til Bahadur, the 3rd from
 the left with his wife & children with me
at the center with a cap on)

We went to pray in the Himalayan region.

At Sarangkot we met a Pastor named Til Bahadur and  listened to his testimony.
He is from a Buddhist background. After his conversion to Christianity his community isolated him. his family threatened him for being a christian.  He fled for his life in search of safety.  A christian who owned a small house  built with mud and wood  provided him a shelter  leaving to a different location for Til Bahadur to occupy the place until he returns back some day in the near future. Pastor Til then invited a number of people of other religions, led them to Christ and began to teach those few new coverts in that small house. he had no salary, no one to help. those new Christians were poor people themselves.  

when we arrived, Pastor Til showed us a big clothes hanged in that small room with a written message about the faithfulness of God. he has a wife and children but no means to take care of them. On top of that he has a poor congregation of around 25 people who were hungry to grow in their new found faith and so faithfully attend the meeting in that small house. worst of all, the neighbors  in his area who came to know him as a christian forbade him to use the clean public drinking water his wife used to draw from.  he did not know where to go for help since he had no one to turn to. Pastor Bishnu knew him briefly and used to call him from time to time but did not know about the crisis he was going through.  

Yet, Pastor Til kept on declaring that God is Faithful and placed that piece of cloth on the wall for everyone to read at all time. I almost got into tears and took it as a rebuke. (how often we murmur and grumble and major in the minors because the food is not tasty, the weather is cold, the cup is not clean, we have small pain on our back, we do not have the shoes or bag so and so has, until we meet someone else who is thanking God by faith with nothing to eat and no money in their pocket. God forgive me for being spoiled and ungrateful. one reason I love to go on a mission is not just to teach the poor and needy but to learn from them too).  

When I came and informed the church about the immediate need of Pastor Til, one member of our congregation pledged to take care Pastor Til's financial needs and he did it for two years.  God rescued Pastor Til. God did not fail to provide.

22nd September:

We had Fellowship at Naurange Church followed   by prayer and healing service. A women suffering from tormenting spirit was set free.

We had a supernatural miracles at  Eternal Church with Pastor Surya Pariyar as my message focused on Christ and His redemption plan. two deaf people were healed. a condition of a lady with mental problem improved and many others experienced the healing touch of Christ.

23rd September:

We went to Pabitra Church at Pastor Siddhi Lal B.K. -  I preach the gospel there and once again God was faithful to visit the people.  Through the word of knowledge the Lord showed  a lady who had intestine problem, she came forward and was healed.

Another lady named Sita Kumal a swelling below her elbow disappeared.

24th September:

I  water baptized 3 persons from Naurange Church we then returned to Kathmandu, the capital city on the same day to the flight back to United Arab Emirates.

"For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36


Mission Report - The Philippines Nov 7th-27th 2012

The Philippines  

I am  grateful to God Almighty who loves His creation and desires all to be saved through His beloved Son Jesus Christ. I continue to learn the best way to see God in action in our lives  is,  to be where God wants a us His children to be.  That place is out in the world, in the midst of humanity where a follower of Christ is called to be salt and light,  to be a witness of  Christ and His work on the cross. I bless the Lord for  God's favor, provision, anointing, open doors  I experienced during the three weeks of my stay in the Philippines.

I have found Filipino people very hospitable, sociable, simple and receptive to the gospel of Christ. I have met people from various tribes. Many came to Christ,  many physical and emotional healing took place.  I saw tears flowing from several people as they showed their hunger and thirst for truth & God's touch in their lives and others set free from satanic bondage.

My journey was all the more interesting as I spent much of my time in Mindanao, the tuna capital of the Philippines.  They fed me fish wherever I went. I never ate so much fish in my whole life.  I enjoyed the freedom of declaring the gospel of Christ to many, crossing  rivers  without a bridge on a jeep, at times travelling off the road into the interior parts of some of the villages, travelling by tricycles and   motorbike  etc.

November  7th-12th :

I Stayed in Manila encouraging the saints and
preaching at  'Jesus loves you' ministries. (See Photo)
12th November -
Flight to Mindanao, General Santos city.


10:00pm,  preached God's Word through FM 109.6 Christian Radio to Gen-sen city and the surrounding regions.

14th-November -  5:45 am - Preaching on the Radio.  9:30 am we were on our way to Margus city, an hour and half  away from Gen-sen city. Using the oldest bus available for our journey was quiet an experience as we watched people even seating on the rooftop of the bus.  More passengers than it's capacity were taken in. so we were squeezing each other trying to get a space to breath. However, I have to forget my comfortable Ford Mondeo  back in Dubai, at least for now.   I constantly have to remind myself I am on a mission.  I have learned in the past, mission also means to leave our comfort zone and choose to get in a mud if that can save someone's life whose soul is precious to God.

In Margus I had the opportunity of teaching  Blaan, Manogo, Marore tribes in one church. On the topic 'house built upon the Rock" .  The response was very positive. I was informed later that one of the tribes had migrated originally from Indonesia.
On our way to Big Margus I was suppose to preach at Purian Pun sad, but since the organizers were not in the city, we had to continue our journey to Big Margus.

Big Margus

We traveled on a motorbike for about 20 km, three person in each bike.  One of the elderly lady with us were in her seventies, a pioneer of many village churches and still preaching in the tribal areas.  She was still strong and serving the Lord. I was uplifted by her testimony as how the Lord delivered her from satanic religion and as a born again, began to preach Christ among the various tribes in Mindanao,  

On our arrival to Big Margus we were received by the Vice President of Christian open missions, a pastor, himself, allowed us to stay overnight at his resort.  We had open air meeting at the beach until around 11:00pm. The place was remote, far away from the main highway.  the sea was calm, the village was quiet and chairs were brought close to the sea shore. To me looking at nature from sunset to midnight and being in the remotest part of Mendenaou was a very pleasant experience I always cherish and thank God for.  The people who attended were Blaan and Manubo tribes.

After the message, several people received healing in their body and testified. A  young man had unusual experience  in his body as he said  something evil  left him while prayer was going on. Before he was prayed, he had lost physical strength and was sick all over his body. He did not know what it was. He was totally delivered. One lady went back to her seat declaring her public decision to follow Christ  as she was totally healed from her sickness.  None of the people who came forward left without experiencing and testifying a supernatural encounter.   Jesus did it all.  

Most of these people who attended had come from the mountainous region of Velu Malungon, Sarangani province because a day earlier  they have heard me preach on the Radio. (I was told they  be returning back to the mountains three hours on foot as they may not get transport back)

Next day, we missed the early morning bus by 15 minutes so we had to take a motorbike (3 persons in each motorbike)  and travel to the nearest town which was about 25 km approx.  We passed through the  dense coconut plantation, enjoying the view of a simple fishermen's village life on one side and the farmers plaughing on a paddy field and manychildren planting rice seeds on the other. Sarangani province is full of natural beauty.  Taking minibus from Glan we had to return back to Gensen. At 1:00pm I arrived at Gensen ready to preach on the Radio.  my message was on Christ.

14th November -

It was a public holiday and so everything was closed.   Radio station manager, Pastor Amnon gave me the opportunity to teach on the Radio three times on the 14th. I spoke on Christian virtues.   Pastor Amnon was getting a good report and a word of thanks from hearers by sms text from many places even outside Gensen. I was encouraged to know that many were listening.

15th November -

 8:00pm-3:00am  I was invited to preach at 'workers for Christ'  from  Subwano tribe.  It was a youth  group who were conducting intercessory prayer meetings.  I taught on the importance of prayer. Through the word of knowledge several of them came forward and received healing and fresh anointing. The presence of the Lord was so much, some were weeping, I too enjoyed witnessing the manifestation of His power as people were falling and crying under the power of God.  The experience we had was awesome. We left before midnight.

16th November -  At 7:00am we were on our way to Dablbob, Tiboli approx 40 km from Gensen with pastor Amnon's family and relatives.  We were heading close to the mountainous region of Mount Parker. We crossed Silway river and off the road, we passed through banana plantation of Simbu  crossing two rivers without a bridge.  the jeep  we were travelling with was old but too strong to cross the river.  It was a thanksgiving day. The tribes I preached to, were from Tibulo, Tibuwano &  Ilungo.  I found the people to be extremely hospitable and friendly. I will never forget their hospitality.  Pastor Amnon shared with me how he had been living  at Datalbub for three years,  pioneering around 17 churches around those mountains.

Several pastors from those mountains were there at the meeting. Many unbelievers came forward to receive Christ into their hearts as Savior and Lord.  several came out to be healed, one man who were contemplating to harm others came forward through the word of knowledge and was prayed to be set free.  knee problem, a lady's womb got healed and other sick people experienced miraculous deliverance.  

The gift of the Spirit helped me to identify people's problem and everyone of them came forward to be prayed for.  After fellowship and lunch, we had to leave back to Gensen.  On the way, we passed through banana plantation.  On my way I listened with amazement about Ubo tribe, people with ½ to 1 inch tail bone. Outreach to that area was dangerous since we  had to pass through the boundary of south Kotobato and Sultan kudarat territory.

17th November Sunday - I had to preach at the church were pastor Amnon was a pastor. In the afternoon we left to Tupi town, Baryo Cibuwano village. We passed through Pineapple and Papaya plantations. The tribes I preached to, were Blaan, Elocano, Ellongo.  We had to walk a little distance on foot in the rain since road to the church was not suitable for the car to drive in.  It was 38 Km from Gensen.  I preached about
Christians and being a New creation in Christ.  Many came forward to receive Christ as their savior and Lord, others went under the power of God and were weeping on the ground, those who needed healing received their healing and testified. Once again what a joy it is when God is present in a meeting.  

I do not mind preaching in the cave so long as the presence of the Lord is not just felt but experienced in a meeting.  I have learned the Holy Spirit is the one who gives life to our preaching, convicting people's heart to respond.  without the Holy Spirit  genuine healing and deliverance is impossible. He is the one who makes Christ real & present to people as we preach so that even the most uneducated village man can experience Christ and is transformed. When the Holy Spirit is given His rightful place in the church, one encounter, one experience of a person has the potential to affect a big community within a short time.

 In every meeting I conduct, I acknowledge my utter limitation to do anything apart from the Holy Spirit and I invite him to take charge of what I do.  I am so glad and bold to declare that no human wisdom, no eloquence of man, no muscle or strength can ever accomplish for God what a person empowered by the Holy Spirit can accomplish in any place.

18th November  Monday --

We left to Purk Bato Milong to reach the Blaan, Calagan, Manubo and Sibuwano tribes.  It was about 20 km from Gensen. A small crusade was organized on a basketball field open air meeting for the people of that village. People were very hospitable.  I preached on what the cross means to us. I spoke on Christ, the righteousness of God unto us.  The response was great. People came forward and a number of them received Christ into their hearts.  several left testifying about the physical healing experience they had.

19th November - Teaching on the Radio - a series on the Holy Spirit continued twice a day until the 24th November.  I also was invited at a church were the pastor had passed away and his body was in a coffin placed  at the church until relatives from a far place joined  for burial. It was a new experience to me as his body in a coffin was just behind me in that church as I was preaching on  what God's peace means to a christian and Christ the Prince of peace.  

I purchased 100 bibles on behalf of Antioch in Cebuano language  to be distributed freely to Cebuano tribes in one mountainous region.

On the 25th November after preaching at  Pastor Ramol church and baptizing 14 members of the congregation, I had to leave to the airport right away to catch a plane to Manila.

Until the very last day of my stay in Mindanao, God was so good and kind enough to keep me busy with the work of the Kingdom.  Though it was physically challenging since I hardly had rest from 7th till 27th, I am forever grateful for my savior for these open doors to reach out many,   some won for Christ, others healed in His name and and tought others His ways so that Glory and honor may come to Him.

My heartfelt thanks to brother Ghil and Sis Gladdes who were instrumental in connecting me to Pastor Ramol who in turn was used by God to connect me to  Pastor Amnon of Gensen FM 109.6 Christian radio ministry director along with his family.   I love you all and thank you so....so much.....May the Lord bless you abundantly.

One Accord mass Media management which operates the christian Radio station which Pastor Amlon is the chairman  had a financial need to upgrade the station so as to reach out new villages and towns with its message of the gospel.   I took back to Antioch church the following prayer request from Pastor Amlon and read so that the congregation may positively respond.

Purok Kauswagan, Apopong, Gen. Santos City.

One Accord Mass Media Management is a Tri-media management group with a license to operate an FM and AM Radio Stations, local TV Channel, and Print Media based in General Santos City with a limited resources.   God blessed us with an FM Radio station  10 years ago.  And now it reaches from  70 to 100 kilometers radius, serving  the City of General Santos and different mountain tribes like T'boli, B'laan, Manobo, Kalagan  and many others.  By faith, we are trusting for God's miracle this year of 2013  our AM Radio station will be on airwaves too.  This station will be reaching more people within the reach of 200 to 250 kilometers, almost 1/4 of Mindanao areas.  With this purpose, we are more than willing to pay the price- to pray and fast, sacrificially give and work hard for our dream of AM station and a TV station as well is realized this coming year before 2003 ends.

The FM station, GOLD FM in General Santos city is now in operation, and the AM radio station is  70% in progress.  It is our desire to have more partners for this project.  in fact, we count  on you as partners for the expansion of God's  Kingdom on earth through mass media.

here are some information that we want to share about our AM Radio station.
Broadcast Management :  One Accord Mass Media Management
Frequency in Gen. Santos city :  954 KHz
Call sign :   DXAY AM
Power output :   5,000-10,000 WATTS
Budget needed for having an AM station -  Pesos  2,970,000.00
Paid already  :  (since 2009)    Pesos  1,200,000.00
Pledges  which was to be given last November & December  2012 : Pesos  1,350,000.00
Remaining amount before the installation  :  Pesos  420,000.00
Our Vision and Mission
Working Together  as members of the body of Christ in Obedience to great commission by proclaiming the message that matters most and playing healthy music that really connect, for the Glory of God, through broadcast Media.

Pastor Reme A.Amlon, Ministry Chairman,
One Accord Mass Media Management
Purok Kauswagan, Apopong, Gen. Santos city

The good news is that the congregation at Antioch Sharjah  Joyfully paid for the new radio equipment in Gensen to boost the existing ones  capability to broadcast to new regions.  

To Christ be the Glory for all the wonderful things he has done. for apart from Him we can do nothing.

Pastor Elyas Haile
Antioch International Ministries

Foreign Missions​
Mission - Uganda December 2012  

​Mission to Uganda was  short yet the most fruitful ministry I ever had. with trip to Uganda,  a vision to reach out  four nations a year  was accomplished for 2012.

I had to leave from Entebbe to Kampala and the next morning to Jinja which was approx 80 km. the village where the  conference was conducted was Kyomya village, Budondo sub county.  the ministry focused on teachings for three days at the conference crucial topics which I believed were to strengthen the believers for their journey ahead in life, followed by inviting the new ones to come forward  and receive Christ as their savior and Lord.

Each meetings God gave me word of knowledge for various people who came forward and were prayed for.
 Through a word of knowledge I called a believer who was threatened by an unbeliever if she did not help to do what that lady demanded.  A lady came forward and said that it was her.  she confessed that a close relative of her have requested her to help with some witchcraft activities and if she refused she was told that she would be harmed. .   but God knew her situation and rescued her. I asked everyone to pray for her protection. she was comforted.  some came to Christ. others were healed and delivered from satanic bondage.

There were some who were set  from demonic oppression and others delivered. but healing took place to every person who came forward to be healed of their various sicknesses and diseases.  many came forward to testify of what the Lord did for them in that meeting.

The first day crusade at Kyomya  village was a challenge.  There was no electricity and we had the crusade on a huge football field in front of Kyomya  primary school.  with no street light around, it was very dark.  All we had was a generator.  Due to some electrical problem, the power went off and I was in the middle of my message while people on the field were listening.  We had no way of continuing. we somehow had to find our way to the car and leave the village as soon as possible. .  We could not continue the crusade but leave the football field as soon as possible.  The devil did his best to discourage us but he did not succeed. Though we had a temporary set back, God gave us a breakthrough on the second day.  Many came forward to receive Christ as their savior.  The people I ministered were the Basoga tribe who spoke Lousoga language.  Some spoke baganda, others luganda, lugisu, tulamog language. the pastor translated my messge into Lusoga.
God also helped me to minister to the group of pastors who joined hand to be a part on these seminars & crusade. 

I  praise our Lord and Savior for helping us to take 47 kg of clothes for the poor  children as well as for those in need.  Many children were so happy to receive either one or two clothes.  ​Staying over night in front of lake Victoria which is the source of white Nile, was refreshing as I had the time alone to spend the evening gazing the beauty of God's creation where monkeys walked around very close,
fishermen in a boat fishing at  lake Victoria,  flowers, trees and all kind of plants, all few meters away from the hotel I stayed in. it was therapeutic.

The following was a testimony we received from Pastor Mujulizi Joseph, Dust to Princes Ministries.


Dear Pastor Elyas Senbet

This is our sincere appreciation for the work you did in the country of Uganda Jinja District Kyomya village-
Budondo sub county. It was great receiving and hosting you here.   We saw visible and tangible, miracles happen. the prophetic sermons given to us were very helpful.                   There has been lots of testimonies of healing after you left the country  on 30th of December 2012.  Several people have been and still calling and confirming receiving healing after you prayed for them.

Thanks a lot for the clothing you brought to the children as well as ministering the gospel to our men and women in Uganda. The Orphanage management is extremely happy and appreciative of you  for having helped the needy kids. The Kyomya Church Pastor John and all members as well as all Budondo Pastors' committee recommended that it will be good for you to come this year again and continue lifting Ugandan church in the knowledge of God's word. The orphanage requests that always remember to put this project in the presence of God and to join hands together with us that these children get good education, good health services, clothing and good class rooms.  As you saw, they do not have good school block.

Upon your permission I will send the school work plan for the next five years so that you may pray for what is clear to you and also to help and talk to others also to pray with us. From dust to Princes ministries is committed to continue working together with you as well as the entire  Antioch family in Dubai.
We therefore request the church of Antioch in Dubai to continue sending you to come over and help our people in Uganda and Africa as a whole. we cannot  afford missing the unique anointing which is upon your life.

Mululizi Joseph Ndobooli  (Pastor)


I give all the Glory and honor to the Lord of Lords and King of kings, Jesus Christ my Lord for helping us
at Antioch to accomplish the vision to reach out four nations a year.  I also want to thank every Antioch church member who contributed for the success of this mission financially as well as by being on their knees in prayer while I was on a mission.

Pastor Elyas Haile


Mission India 2012

​First and foremost, I would like to thank my Savior Jesus Christ who opened doors of opportunities to serve Him in India. I also thank The Glory Tabernacle church of Pune, Miraj and Panchgani leadership who organized all of the programs I ministered  in Maharashtra.    I am so blessed to be acquainted with them and work with them  for the Glory of God.

I have a special place in my heart for India. when I go there on a mission, it is always with a thankful heart for what God did in my life.  It was in India I came to the saving knowledge of Christ, got baptized and experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It was there I began serving the Lord  in Pune city where I also completed my studies at the university of Pune. I lived five years of my life as a student,  often seeking the truth, but  I was searching for God in all wrong places, though God was not far from me.   He is the one who found me by sending someone to tell me about the good news of Christ.

I spoke to a large number of youth at a Youth conference organized by the Glory Tabernacle church.   The memory of college days in that very same city and my earlier experiences prior being born again was still fresh in my mind.  It was so vivid, I could easily recollect many of my former life.  The conference was organized close to the location  I used to go for martial art training by a Tibetan kung-fu master, Tony Mehtey, who cared less if your bones were broken into pieces. I told the youth my motive  for joining martial arts back then when I was in college in India. I had bitterness and un-forgiveness towards my father since childhood. The  way he mistreated and abandoned my mother and myself and never showed his fatherly love had a negative influence and a scare in my heart  back then  causing me to react in a bad way towards men.

Throughout my message on  "GOD THE TEACHER" from Isaiah 48:17-18   I spoke how without a father, I looked for a model to imitate and tried to be like many.  In presenting Christ as the perfect model for our lives, I told the youth  how at times I desired to imitate many successful and famous, and  then when all of these did not make sense,  I got  into the spiritual world to find meaning, telepathy, meditation  & other practices, being more and more drawn to the life style of a yogi.  My fascination of Yogananda, Osho Rajnesh and other's  view of life took me again to a different direction. but as it is said,  he who knows nothing believes in everything.  none of those I was seeking to imitate did any good to my life. I was just a wanderer in life to find meaning and contentment.  I am forever grateful that God  rescued me from the empty way of life  and as GOD THE TEACHER He taught me through the scriptures what was best for me. He taught me to FOLLOW CHRIST HIS SON, THE PERFECT MODEL TO EMULATE.  Now Christ is my Hero. he has taken away my bitterness and given me a new heart to love people and serve them. His Word guides my feet.

When I completed my speech some came forward to receive Christ.  The Lord urged me to lay a hand upon the youth and pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit which I did. Everyone who came forward was gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues and testified,  some crying, weeping uncontrollably with joy.  Some received Christ there and were filled right away.  There was joy, praise. testimonies were many.  The Holy Spirit took over.  The service took around four hours but the Lord strengthened me. I was not tired.  I thank God for the visitation of the Holy Spirit at that meeting.

Miraj - Maharashtra

The crusade at Miraj went so well, though the number of people were less than expected.  however, many came forward to receive Christ as their savior  and others  for Christ to heal them and set them free. Many openly testified of the healing and deliverance they experienced. demons left out of some after a violent reaction.   A   nurse, came forward, who had been tormented by an evil spirit since 2003 which made her unproductive at her work place and at times had to stay away from work for a year.  She said she knew her problem  as a Psychatric case but when we prayed,  a violent evil spirit came out shouting " did Yashua  sent you!!" again and again.  she was totally free and testified to the bigger audience we had the next day.
Another man with an evil spirit shook as I commanded the demon to leave him, and with a shout it left him and he became completely free.  

God healed many people.  We saw the power of God setting many free.  It was exhausting  to stand for three hours but the need was overwhelming.  I had to anoint each person with oil and pray.  God never disappointed me. I knew I was on a mission. I thank God for the pastors and  the saints who were very helpful to see these meetings a success.  We had 'pastors' conference' where I spoke on 'CALLING'.

Ministering at Panchigani brought back the memory of those college days.   As an unbeliever in Christ,  I usedto come to Moral Re-armament in Panchigani and be a part of their major conferences. I love Panchigani.  it is cold  but beautiful & green hill station with many boarding schools, students come from many states as well as overseas to study.

we had our meetings in one of the schools. a little less than half of the people came to Christ as they witnessed  miracles of healing and deliverance taking  place.  I had to explain clearly what it meant to believe in Christ as their savior and Lord.

A lady who was asked 6  lakhs of Rupees for operation on her knees were completely healed and said she did not need that amount any more as Jesus healed her instantly.  An elderly lady was set free from a terrible back pain and removed her brace from her waist and lifted it up before everyone. (see photo)

many years of illness of all kinds began to disappear.  A blind woman said she wanted her eye sight back but when we prayed I found the root cause of her blindness was a stubborn demon of  arthritis causing her hands to shrivel. I took about 45 minutes in the afternoon session in a house to cast that demon out. the demon was dealt with I knew but now she needed for a miracle for eye sight since the root cause was gone but by then I had been standing and praying and preaching for about five hours already that day and got exhausted. besides we had to leave to Panchgani.

I continue to learn again and again that all that we need is the help of the Holy Spirit. He does things no human being can do. I give all the Glory and Honor to God because HE DID IT ALL.

In Pune, after having a special meeting with future leaders of a church, I had the opportunity to speak to the Ethiopian college students followed by house to house visit.  It was time to leave to HYDRABAD -ANDRAPRADESH ​


God opened doors to speak at the Millennium Methodist church who permitted me to lay a hand and pray for the sick. multitudes were healed there.  Meeting was arranged for the youth of Hyderabad where I taught on what does God wants  from youth in an age where the lifestyle of today's youth is strongly influenced and shaped by the media.

Unexpectedly the Ethiopians at one of the university in Hyderabad came to know my visit and decided to arrange a meeting.  We had excellent moments of intercession.    I spoke to  them to celebrate their difficulties rather than despise them as they would have testimonies out of their testing moments. I told them I was there years ago.  I spoke on the importance of patience as one of the fruits of the Spirit.

Doors of opportunities was opened for me to preach at Hebron church and then another Methodist church where the small congregation got terrified as they have never seen demons cast out.  One of the lady began to manifest as I was praying for her.  All of a sudden the wicked spirit began to speak and became violent. The demon said in front of everyone "I have killed three of her relatives and she is next" I commanded it to leave in Jesus name. the spirit began to bargain asking me to permit it to enter someone else or give it two/three people in return.  It kept on bargaining but I told it to leave and never to enter anyone. It was the most stubborn demon and took sometime to cast out. but I was all alone since none had the clue of what to do. but Christ was there. It was an eye opener to the leadership of the church & the invited guests on that day.


ZEHERABAD revival meeting went so well. we had a special meeting. The pastor was a wonderful hospitable man of God.  I bless the Lord for the unique moments of ministry we had at this city, which is four and half hours from Hyderabad.  in spite of being exhausted, I was very grateful to be invited at a couple of houses to pray for families and speak a word of encouragements.  We left late at night very, very tired but my mission was accomplished for now.  After speaking on 'Christ the healer' on Rekshina Television, it was time to leave Hyderabad and return back to Emirates.

I am forever grateful for the love, hospitality and tremendous support I received from Dr Prem and Sister Suvarna who saw to it that they will take care of me, open their house for me to stay and also connect me to many of the pastors and ministries in Hyderabad.  May the Almighty reward them both abundantly.                To God be the Glory !!!!​​

Mission to Odessa