Antioch church Ras Al Khaimah - UAE

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) city is one of the seven emirates that comprises the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Sailors passing-by long ago called this city 'Ras Al Khaimah', which in Arabic signifies the point of the tent.   The city of Ras Al Khaimah nestles at the foot of the Al Hajjar Mountains and is divided by a natural creek into the old town on one side and the new business center of Al Nakheel on the other.

In the year 2000, the Lord led me  to pioneer the church of Antioch in this city.     after much hesitation to obey the call,  I  started the church program with three Indian families. Though going through the many spiritual battles including the major accident in that city which claimed the life of two of my brothers in Christ, (the driver and another doctor), while I  escaped unhurt miraculously by God's mercy, God was faithful to give me many victories in that city. He added many to the church, people from various nations such as Philippines, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia and US.

We bless the Lord for the way He  worked among us by uniting us together irrespective of our background, color and language. As it's written in Psalm 133:1 "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” Ephesians 4:3.   After pastoring that church for 15 years with the help of the Almighty God 
 I have passed the baton to Pastor Daniel from India and the elders of the church to move forward to my next assignment where the activity of Antioch International Ministry will continue from the USA in obedience to the great commission.

Antioch church Sharjah -UAE

Situated in the Northern Emirates, Sharjah city is the 3rd largest in the 7 Emirates. It has the Greatest diversity of the natural environment of all the emirates such as the breathtaking wilderness of the desert, The majesty of Hajar Mountains, stunning coast lines, beautiful beaches and desert safaris.
The Lord by His grace led  me to plant the church of Antioch in this city in 2003 to reach out to the multinational, multi ethnic expatriates who have come from Asia, Africa and various other places to explore business opportunities & jobs. Though outreach has been a challenge due to various factors, the God who added to their numbers in Acts 2:47 has shown his faithfulness by adding steadily people of different nationality.

We give glory to God for the way He has united these diverse cultural group to come together to receive his love, to worship and be discipled.  After pastoring it until 2015, with much prayer and waiting for direction, I have handed over my responsibility of this church to well seasoned and credible leaders which I have no doubt will take the church to the next level.

Antioch  church Amharic Service Sharjah UAE

​In 2006 the Lord gave a vision from 2 Kings 5:1-4  to plant a church  for the Ethiopians in Sharjah city. Currently there are large number of  Ethiopians living in the Emirates. As most of them work as housemaids for the locals and the other nationals, the vision was not only to reach out the rest of the Ethiopians with the gospel but to be discipled and see themselves as God's ambassadors at the place of their work. After two years of prayer and seeking God's direction for the right time, the Amharic program was started in Sharjah City in March 2008 at Saint Martin Church compound. I am grateful to God for the door of opportunities He opened for me to reach out to my people, the Ethiopians, and lead them to the Lord. we have witnessed many come to Christ and discipled, others healed and delivered from demonic powers, filled with the Holy Spirit and become fruitful ambassadors to reach out many others with the gospel. To Christ be the Glory.

After Pasturing for eight years till 2016 and seeking God's will, I have handed over my responsibility of the church to Pastor Kinfe I believe was suitable to move the church forward by the Grace of God.